NS Technologies Inc.

Our Value / CEO Message

Our Value

From Okaya to the World

Supply the highest level of technologies to promote the revitalization of local industries
and play a part in globally-linked technological innovations.

Message from the President


Ever since we began operating in April 2021 as a specialist manufacturer of IC test handlers, we have been working every day so that we can deliver products of the best quality in cooperation with our suppliers, sales partners, and all related parties.

At NS Technologies, we are devoting ourselves to carrying on the advanced technologies and manufacturing which we inherited from the Seiko Epson Corporation, and are fully dedicated to improving the excellent reputation that was constructed in the market and raising it to even greater heights.

- From Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture to the World -
By supplying the IC test handlers that are an important part of the semiconductor manufacturing process, we will continue working together to contribute to the rapid advance of technological innovations and create a world where advanced technologies are more familiar and accessible to people around the world.

Hiroaki Shimura, President & CEO