NS Technologies Inc.

Quality Policy

NS Technologies will continually work to improve our technical capabilities, provide a stable and rapid supply of advanced products and services, and contribute to the growth of our customers' businesses.

1. Observance of applicable laws, company standards, and internal regulations
2. Provision of product proposals based on fast and advanced technical strength
3. Rapid response to risks, and activities to utilize opportunities
4. Satisfying ISO9001:2015 standard requirements, and carrying out continual QMS improvements
5. Improving customer satisfaction and meeting customer needs



NS Technologies obtained ISO9001:2015 certification and registered at February 6th, 2021.
Our Quality Management System is a system that manages and supervises the quality of the products and services that we provide across the organization. With organization activities centered on quality management, we are working to continually achieve and improve customer satisfaction, and even to contribute to the advancement of the industry.
"Quality" in all its forms is managed, including quality of management, quality of operations, and quality of employees, and we are challenging ourselves to achieve quality improvements.




At least once each week, repeated design reviews are held by the Design Division, Engineering Division, Software Development Division, and Production Control Division. Customer requirements are confirmed, and the optimal means of achieving them, element technologies, and other information that is input to the product are discussed and shared by all members.

About RoHS


RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a directive adopted by the European Commission regarding restrictions on the use of designated hazardous substances in electronic devices.
The purpose is to prevent impacts on people and the environment by preventing harm caused by hazardous substances when products are disposed of (in landfill or by incineration).
All of the products shipped by our company, not only those in Europe, conform to RoHS.